Unicode Armenian language support for Windows 2000 How-To

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To complete the installation you may need Windows 2000 installation CD and must be logged in as a user with Administrative privileges.

1. Installing Unicode Armenian Language support for Windows 2000
  1. Click on the Start button then Settings -> Control Panel -> Regional Options
  2. The "Regional Options" dialog box will appear. Select the "General" tab.
  3. In the "Language setting for the system" section select "Armenian".
  4. Click the "Apply" or "OK" button.
  5. At this point you may be asked to insert the installation CD.
  6. Restart the computer (1)

(1) You may restart the computer after first adding the Armenian into the list of active languages.

2. Adding Armenian into the list of active languages.
  1. Repeat the 1.a. item the previous section.
  2. The "Regional Options" dialog box will appear. Select the "Input Locales" tab.
  3. Click the "Add" button
  4. The "Add Input Locale" dialog box will appear. Select "Armenian" from the "Input locale" drop down menu. From the "Keyboard layout/IME" drop down menu select any of the Armenian Keyboard Layouts (Armenian Eastern or Armenian Western).
  5. Finish installing by clicking the "OK" buttons in all the open windows.

Unfortunately the keyboard layouts for Armenian that are shipped with Windows 2000 may seem unusual for most of the users accustomed to the traditional typewriter or phonetic layouts. Soon we will be providing keyboard layout similar to one used in the products like KDWin, Winkeys and ArmNLS.

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