Armenian Keyboard Layouts for Windows 2000/XP/2003

Windows 2000/XP/2003 operating systems have two Armenian keyboard layouts: Armenian Eastern and Armenian Western. It seems like these layouts were designed to be phonetic, i. e. Armenian letters correspond to similarly sounding English letters. Phonetic layouts are used for typing on keyboards that do not contain Armenian letters. Unfortunately, these layouts are overly inconvenient due to strange correspondence of Armenian and English letters. For example, English G corresponds to Armenian Ք, Q - Խ, С - Գ and so on.

We propose two eastern layouts: the most commonly used phonetic layout and also a Typewriter layout. The latter one is intended for those who have Armenian letters on their keyboards which usually correspond to typewriter layout.


Before installing the layouts, you should enable Armenian language support on your computer.

To install the layouts download and run the installation file. After installation two new layouts will be added to the list of keyboard layouts: Armenian Phonetic Eastern and Armenian Typewriter Eastern.


msi  armkbd-win-1.0.8.msi (771 КБ)
zip (213 КБ)

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