TITUS Cyberbit Basic

TITUS Cyberbit Basic, 12pt
Version: 3.0
Style: Regular
Author: TITUS
Unicode ranges: Basic Latin; Latin-1 Supplement; Latin Extended-A; Latin Extended-B; IPA Extensions; Spacing Modifier Letters; Combining Diacritical Marks; Greek; Cyrillic; Cyrillic Supplementary; Armenian; Hebrew; Arabic; Syriac; Thaana; Devanagari; Thai; Georgian; Ethiopic; Ogham; Runic; Phonetic Extensions; Latin Extended Additional; Greek Extended; General Punctuation; Superscripts and Subscripts; Currency Symbols; Letterlike Symbols; Number Forms; Arrows; Mathematical Operators; Enclosed Alphanumerics; Box Drawing; Block Elements; Geometric Shapes; Miscellaneous Symbols; CJK Symbols and Punctuation; Hiragana; Katakana; Bopomofo; Private Use Area; Alphabetic Presentation Forms; Arabic Presentation Forms-A; CJK Compatibility Forms; Small Form Variants; Arabic Presentation Forms-B; Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms
  • Contains the following ligatures: (0xFB13), (0xFB14), (0xFB15), (0xFB16), (0xFB17)

Fonts list:
Aramian Unicode, Arial AMU, Arial Unicode, Arial Unicode MS, ArmNet Helvetica, Caslon Roman, Chrysanthi Unicode, CN-Arial, Code2000, Courier Unicode, Everson Mono Unicode, Fixedsys Excelsior, Free Monospaced, Free Sans, Hindsight Unicode, Roman Unicode, Sylfaen, Times Armenian Unicode, Times LatArm Unicode, Times Unicode, TITUS Cyberbit Basic

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